The accurate meaning of a concentrate is any dense substance that has rich compounds of one or more types of substances. Fruit Juice concentrates and Fruits Purees are produced from discarded fruits or fruits that cannot be sold as fresh to the consumer market.

In other words, when a fruit loses much of its water under pressure and heat, it becomes a fruit concentrate which has wide area of applications in the food industry including Juices and tasteful additives.

During Fruit Concentration procedure the skin, seeds, kernels, cell walls and fruit tissue are all removed, so the weight of the food is reduced and therefore it will be easier and more economical to transport.

To Increase the Durability, Fruit Concentrates are packed inside Aseptic Bags and then inside New Plastic/Steel drums for longest expiry time and in order to preserve the nutritional value of the fruit juice concentrates.

Zista Group is in position to supply any kind of Iranian Fruit Concentrate with the focus on the four below items professionally:

Appricot Puree

Barberry Concentrate

Date Concentrate

Pomegranate Concentrate